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The First Crystal Bed in Wisconsin

Chakra balancing helps you clear the clutter in your energetic fields, releasing stress, old thoughts and emotions. It restores your connection to your inner self and your inner wisdom, allowing you to grow.

  • harmonize your chakras
  • rebalance your frequencies
  • relieve stress and anxiety
  • trigger healing
  • rejuvenate your system
  • stimulate spiritual awareness
  • transform your life

Crystal Color Healing is a chakra balancing system in which seven quartz crystals are positioned to align with the seven primary chakras of the body while lying fully clothed on a special bed. This assists in harmonizing the chakras and subtle energy bodies, rebalancing the frequencies in the electromagnetic field, contributing to the healing processes in the psyche and body. This rebalancing rejuvinates physical systems boosting your natural immune system, improving the inner senses for spiritual awareness, health and well-being.
Madison, Wisconsin
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